Who plays what?

Frank: I'm Dr. Frank, the singer and guitar player. That's Joel, the bass player and the drummer isnt here right now but he would be the guy who plays the drums.

Joel: He would say, "hi my name is Jym."

K: How and when did you get together?

F: The band has been around for 10 years and how we got together, I can't even remember. And a lot of people have quit and been replaced over the years and this line-up, the quit and replacement process was completed the most recent time, a couple years ago and so it's been about a 2 year long thing and we just bumped into Joel somewhere and I called a number on a flyer saying drummer available to meet Jym.

K: How'd you get your name?

F: Um, my name? Or the band's name?

K: The name of the band.

F: Ya know that's a thickly asked question and the honest answer is I don't remember but my speculation is that we were, as you might have guessed, a bunch of idiots and that was what haappened to be on tv at the time when we had to think of something to call it. We never really thought of it very seriously because it was never even supposed to last longer than a, ooh a mike stand [1 of us,either kel or loose, held up the recorder], very good, uh it wasn't supposed to last longer than a couple shows.

K: What's your favorite cartoon?

J: I'm the new mike stand.

F: Okay.

J: Favorite cartoon, Frank.

F: My favorite cartoon...Geez, ya know it's hard to pick favorite cartoons. I guess Droopy from Guadalupe.

J: After the whole potato and carrots [thing] where I answered both incorrectly and therefore am greatly lower than your estimation I'm nervous that an incorrect answer would just really finish me.

Lucy: Hey, I picked mashed.

K: But there are nomore incorrect answers.

J: No more incorrect answers. I made all the incorrect answers I could possibly make. Um, my favorite cartoon...Um when I was young... Ok, well, my cartoon is, I'm just gonna say, Spiderman and his amazing friends.

K: Ok. Are you guys scared of earthquakes?

F: Speaking for myself, no, I think earthquakes are kinda fun. I've ridden the earthquake ride several times and all the times have been [I have no idea what word he said so be imaginative, won't you], so, no, not scared of earthquakes.

J: I'm ready, I've accomplished everything I wanted to accomplish in my life so should an earthquake strike at any moment I'm accepting.

K: Have you always lived, like there?

F: Yeah Joel lived in the real center of the earthquake zone of, not the last one, but the big one before that, the Santa Cruz area. Didn't you lose some sheep or something on your family farm?

J: No it came just short of the ground actually opeing up and swallowing the house.

F: It's really interesting because, in all seriousness, not trying to be funny, ya know how they say the earth moves or whatever? The big one that I was outside during, it really was like that. The asphalt of the street was in one place at one moment and then it went and moved to the other, uh, I moved my arms to demonstrate the earth moving there, uh, and a guy fell off his bike and cars crashed into each other. It was interesting.

J: I was inside. I was watching the Facts of Life on television and all the objects, all the bric-a-brac in the house collapsed around my ears but if you were outside it really did look like the ground was [don't know what he said again. they use really big words]...

F: And I watched the department store burn down. First time I ever saw a building burn down. Have you ever seen that? It's something to see 'cause when they show it on television they don't show the whole thing, they just show the highlights.

K: Oh. What are your infulences slash inspiration?

F: Uh...

J: I think that, speaking for Dr. Frank 'cause he seems to be incapable of speaking for himself at the moment, I'd say his inspirations are television, good wine and bad women.

F: Good answer.

K: What's your favorite flavor pez?

F: Favorite flavor pez? Aren't they all kinda pink?

J: No, no, no I know the answer. Orange. Wait, no, orange is actually a flavor I meant to answer a color so that would be wacky. Orange is actually a flavor and a color.

F: You gotta work at being wacky. It doesn't come naturally to this boy.

J: I'm not spontaneously wacky. I guess orange'll stand by accident.

F: Purple.

J: There, that's what I meant to say. That would have been good.

K: Are you having fun in New York?

J: It's kinda hot. That doesn't mean that New York's not a fun place.

F: My experience of New York this time has been this one street which has got a hipster on every corner and you have to look really hard to find a store that doesn't offer tattooing and body piercing, I mean, they all do, it's amazing and I feel like such a rebel not having a tattoo. It might be an offense. I might get arrested.

K: Do you have any tattoos?

J: We are a completely tattooless band. We must be the only band on earth where no member has a tattoo of any kind although our roadie, Paul, has many tattoos to compensate for our lack thereof.

K: Um, I don't know, do you have anything else to say?

J: You don't have any tattoos do you?

K: No.

F: I don't have anything to say. I'm a big pea headed idiot so put me down as blank.