My news update

I caught this interview with Dr. Frank of the MTX during the Groovie Ghoulies' set on Oct 9, 1997. MTX played beyond awesome. It was the best they've played that I've seen them and I heard many other people echo that.

Q: First of all, how's the tour going?

Dr. Frank: The tour is going pretty well. It's got some ups and its got some downs but it's basically alright.

Q: How do you like the crowd in Cleveland?

Dr. Frank: It's one of our better places. I don't exactly know why but there always is a crowd and they're always enthusiastic.

Q: I've read interviews where you say you get really bad crowds in California and around the area where you live.

Frankie: You never know. Sometimes no one comes. Sometimes a lot of people come.

Q: Any good tour stories from this tour or previous tour?

Franklyn: Well, most of the tour stories... I cant think of one. Most of them revolve around crazy people who tried to beat us up or stalk us or something. But mostly the craziest part of the tour is we are always late and we never quite make it to a show on time. Getting to every show is like a race against the clock. I like it. It's speed too. The Mr. T Experience is a lot like speed too. We are always late for everything. It's a mad rush to finish and it's a flop.

Q: When Alex and Aaron quit did you think the band was going to break up for good?

Dr. Frank: I always thought the band would break up for good after every record.

Q: Was it always a tedious situation?

Frank: Well, it was like up until this current lineup nobody in this band wanted to be in it. They were very reluctant and had to be talked into everything.

Q: Were you incompatible people?

Dr. Frank: They didn't understand what was cool about this group. They just thought "We're in a lame band that no one likes." They were absolutely accurate about that. But still they didn't make the necessary sacrifices.

Stefanie: Where'd you get that shirt? (Dr. F is wearing a shirt reading ‘girl scout gone bad')

Dr. Frank: For the longest time people have just been giving me girl scout items like pins and things and it just kinda stuck. I got this at a thrift store somewhere.

Q: Someplace, somewhere?

Frankie: (nods)

Q: How old were you when you formed the MTX?

Dr. Frank: I was just turning 21.

Q: That was how many years ago?

Dr. Frank: 1986

Q: I thought it was earlier than that. Who came up with the name The Mr. T Experience?

F: I don't remember who to blame it on. But, there was just a bunch of us sitting around watching TV being drunk and stupid.

Q: What motivated you to make the video for "Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba"?

Dr. Frank: We just wanted to know what would happen if we did it.

Q: Have you noticed your crowds growing since the video got some airplay?

Frank: No.

Q: Have you gotten any shit for it?

The good doctor: No not really, I think it did. They only played it twice but I think it did help. Enough people saw it that came to a few of our shows. Yeah, I mean it probably helped a little bit. People who care about that sort of thing already didn't like us. I don't worry about it. I think it's kind of foolish. There's nothing immoral or wrong about being on television. Television is great. Television is what separates us from the lower animals. If you say it's alright to be on the radio but it's wrong to be on television. It's just hard to get on television and we had a chance to get on television a few times. I think that's ok. I wish I could be on TV more. TV is great.

Q: What is your opinion on your new album?

Frank: My opinion is that everybody should buy one and I don't know.

Q: Relative to previous albums?

Frankie: I was doing the best I could on it. That's all I can say.

Q: I see it as the band that puts out the album has a different opinion from what everybody else does and it's interesting to hear what they have to say about it.

Frank: I've been in different ways disappointed with everything we've done. Because my standards are very high and in the past... It sounds corny to say it but it's like self discovery or whatever. You don't know what's going to happen and when it comes out you don't know what to think of it because it's not exactly what you were trying to do but it reveals things about you that you didn't really know. The songwriting especially I really worked hard on it. The test of whether it's good or not or in what ways it's good is how people react to it. Yeah, I know what he's talking about. That's how being broke up or whatever feels like. That's a success. I don't really that about this album because it's only been out for a month.

Q: I think the lyrics are really strong but the music is down from Love is Dead.

Franklyn: You think? What makes you say that? Not, that I necessarily disagree. I mean Love is Dead; all the songs sounded kinda the same.

Q: I think that about the new album and less about that.

Frank: That's interesting.

Q: I think Love is Dead has really strong songs on it and sounds like you put more time into writing the songs.

Frank: Now that's not true. Yeah, the new one a lot more time went into writing it. The idea of doing a concept album with Love is Dead basically with "Revenge is Sweet, and So Are You," we tried to make a record where all the songs sounded completely different from each other in terms of sounds and in terms of the feel of them or whatever. I totally respect the opinion that it didn't come off or whatever ‘cause that may be the case. The thing is we had sixteen songs and we did the best we could on them. I did the best I could Writing them and that's not my problem. It's up to them.

Q: Was it your idea to rerelease the old albums?4

Frank: Well, it was my idea, but everybody wanted to do it.

Q: What is your opinion of fanzine culture in general?

Frank: I like that it is there. I'd say that basically a positive reaction. I don't think that that means so much. It's cool that people can do it and right on for doing it. Just like anything else. Like having a band, you know. Right on, good job, you did it. But then, after you have it. You could suck, you could be good. And that's the same about fanzines. And to be worth spending half an hour reading it should be pretty good. I have to say many of them are not worth spending half an hour reading. So even though I approve of other people doing them and everything it's not like everyone is great.

Q: I like that question I get a different answer from everyone I ask. How do you feel about the whole Lookout Records vs. Furious George thing?

Frank: I don't have anything to do with it. I know all the parties involved. They're kinda friends of mine and all. You know Lookout! doesn't have to put out everybody's band. It's not their obligation. They have to do what they want to do. I think it's sort of silly. And the thing is that you're better off on a label that wants you. I think it worked out best for everyone's concern.

Q: They haven't been through here yet so I haven't had a chance to talk about it. I'm sure they're pretty upset over it still.

Frank: They're nice to us. What can I say, Lookout! has never done anything uncool to us so I can't complain.

Q: Every other band on Lookout! had just said no comment and just had to leave it at that.

Frank: It's just none of our business. Our business is all this. And if this goes well then that's great. Even though I support Furious George's right to do whatever they want, it's not my responsibility to look after their career.

Q: Do you get lots of interviews on tour/do you get sick of them?

Frank: No. I think it's important to explain what you mean. I don't get sick of them. And yes we get a lot of them. At least one per stop.

Q: I remember the last time you were in Cleveland playing with The Queers and you were having a severe stage diver problem, has that ever happened before?

Frank: Yeah, we get it but I think as time goes on people are more understanding what we are about more. People who really know us are more interested in listening and sing along with the words. And it's hard to sing along with those words; there's a lot of words. And so the running around in a circle and trying to knock everyone down; take the back seat to trying to remember the words. That's what I think.

Q: That was pretty cool what you did telling them not to climb up there and go ah-ah-ah-ah and dive into the crowd and it stopped them.

Dr. Frank: Yeah, thanks.

Q: Any closing thoughts or comments or advice?

Frank: Here's my closing comment. Love is like oxygen. If you get too much you get too high. Not enough and you're going to die. Love gets you high.

Q: That's great. Alright thanks!